Processed Glass

Processed glass: this is the term for glass that has been drilled or polished to leave smooth edges. Available in 4mm to 19mm this product can be used for tabletops, shelves, mirrors, glass shower screens among other things.

We can cut your glass to any shape required.

Mirrors are a speciality of Christie Glass. We can supply custom sized, shaped and drilled mirror glass to replace broken or corroded mirrors you may already have.

Our Sandblasted glass service enables you to have either simple opaque glass or patterned glass. You can even have your own logos or designs sandblasted onto the glass - Ideal for shop windows, doors and many other applications. New for 2012 is a method of colouring the sandblasted areas of glass. This means that the sandblasted areas of don't have to be the natural colour of the glass. Instead, these areas can be tinted with a colour.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a process that is used to etch the surface of glass in order to make it less transparent. This is usually done by firing grains of material at high speed against the glass. It is a popular technique for creating patterns or text on glass windows. Traditionally, the pattern of the sandblasted area would be the same colour as the glass. However, there are now methods of colouring the sandblasted areas of the glass which is becoming very popular in the UK.

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