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Retail prices as at 2nd November 2021.

Select any standard glass types you are interested in and enter your required width and height of each unit to obtain a price.

Please note that although we can accept orders for units below 0.25 meters in area, there is a minimum charge of 0.25 meters.

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Current Price List

Prices quoted are per square metre exclusive of VAT.

For all other combinations/ranges please enquire. Quantity discounts available on large orders.

Standard Double Glazed Glass Types

4mm Clear Low Iron/Clear Low Iron £48.10
4mm Clear Low Iron/Pattern £58.20
4mm Clear Low Iron/Planitherm £68.40
4mm Clear/Antisun Toughened £106.30
4mm Clear/Clear Toughened £73.40
4mm Clear/Pilkington Activ Blue Toughened
(Solar Control Self Clean)
4mm Clear/Planitherm Toughened £101.20
4mm Clear/Satin Toughened £151.80
4mm Clear/Toughened Pattern £98.70
4mm K/Antisun Toughened £134.10
4mm Planitherm/Pattern £83.50
4mm Planitherm/Pattern Toughened £126.60
4mm Planitherm/Pilkington Activ Blue Toughened £156.90
4mm Planitherm/Satin £120.20
4mm Planitherm/Satin Toughened £184.90
6.4mm Laminate/6.4mm Laminate £103.80
6.4mm Laminate/6.4mm/6.8mm Acoustic Laminate £159.40
6mm Clear/6mm Antisun Toughened £183.50
6mm Clear/Clear Toughened £116.40
6mm Clear/Planitherm Toughened £159.40
6mm/6mm Clear Annealed £88.60
For 18mm White Georgian Bar, add £38.00
For 25mm White Georgian Bar, add £50.70
For 6mm or 12mm Diamond Lead, add £60.80
For 6mm or 12mm Square Lead, add £51.90
For 9mm Diamond Lead, add £53.20
For 9mm Square Lead, add £38.00
For Antique Lead, add 20%
For Coloured Georgian Bar, add 50%
For Interbar/Duplex system, add
(Dummy Spacer Bar)
For Queen Anne Lead, add £65.80

Standard Single Glazed Glass Types

4mm Clear £35.50
4mm Clear Toughened £50.70
4mm Mirror £57.00
4mm Patterned £43.10
4mm Patterned Toughened £60.80
4mm Pilkington Oriel Collection £237.90
4mm Satin £91.10
4mm Satin Toughened £130.30
4mm Tinted £50.70
4mm Tinted Toughened (except Blue) £77.20
6.4mm Acoustic Laminate £126.60
6.4mm Diffused Laminate £124.00
6.4mm Laminate £65.80
6.8mm Pyro Dur/Pyrostop/from £349.20
6mm Clear £50.70
6mm Clear Toughened £75.90
6mm Satin £130.30
6mm Tinted £90.50
7mm G.W. Cast £83.50
7mm G.W. Polished Plate £136.70

Custom Glass Types And Services

P.A.R. (per linear metre) £6.40
Argon filling (per square metre) £10.20
Holes in an annealed unit £38.00
Holes in a toughened unit £88.60

Other Glass Products

Holes in glass POA
Pyro heat resistant glass POA
Sand blasted glass POA
Shower screens POA
Single glass clear POA
Single glass obscure POA
Table tops POA
Toughened glass POA

Sealed units can be 14mm-42mm in thickness. Please specify when ordering (most modern sealed units are 28mm)

Shapes + 20%
Minimum area .25 of a metre

Standard toughened service (48hrs) if ordered by 12 midday

Toughened units available next day if ordered by 12 midday, and carry a premium of £25 or 25% whichever is greater

For any other combinations/ranges please enquire

Processed Glass available, e.g. Shelves/Mirrors/Bevels/Polished Edges

Fancy Leads specialists - please call for further information and/or brochure

All the components we use for our fancy leads are supplied by Duralead. All our glass is supplied by Saint-Gobain glass and Pilkington

Note: We are now using Planitherm (Softcoat) in place of K Glass. This improves the efficiency of a unit by 40%

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