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Fire Resistant Glass

The Pyroguard range of fire resisting glasses was originally established as a laminated Georgian Wired glass which added (uniquely at the time) impact safety to the benefits of fire integrity resistance. The patented manufacturing process injected a special resin between layers of glass into which wire mesh had been laid. Painted (powder coated) wires were also possible to provide an alternative appearance to the plain steel wire mesh.

From 1993 onwards the process was developed to use an alternative resin, which would operate as a fire resistant pane, with impact safety but without the wire mesh.

About Pyroglass

Pyroglass is sometimes specified in fire risk areas, such as dividing doors in commercial buildings, internal screens where walls are not wanted in extensions. They are classified by two different requirements, one being integrity and the second being insulation. Integrity relates to the length of time the glass remains in one piece to protect the risk area while a fire is burning. The insulation relates to the heat and radiation penetration through the glass.
Pyroglass is:

  • Compatible with most intumescent putties and strips.
  • UV stable therefore can be used externally without added laminated.
  • Impact rating class 3B3 to EN 12600 and class B to BS 2606 ref BSI BG0030044/1-2.
  • Radiation controlling by effect of resin interlayer.

The pyroglass range is available in 30/60/120 minute versions depending upon the requirements specified by architects or councils.
The Pyro range is now also available with Satin, Master and Stippolyte finish.

Availability and lead times range from 2 days up to 15 days depending on level of insulation and integrity required.

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